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Hiking in the Western U.P.

With miles of trails through scenic and pristine natural areas, the Western U.P. offers some of the best hiking opportunities in the Eastern United States. Spend a day or a week or a summer.. Treat yourself to views of majestic old growth forests, scenic overlooks, inspirational waterfalls... Relax on a river bank or on the shores of an inland lake...

Highlights of hiking adventures in the Western U.P. include:

Porcupine Mountains State Park
Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park is Michigan's largest state park, and one of the Midwest's largest wilderness areas. Splendid scenery, pristine old growth forest, scenic vistas mark "the Porkies" as the premier wilderness area in the Midwest.

Sylvania Wilderness Area
The Sylvania Wilderness and Sylvania Recreation Area, is located near Watersmeet, Michigan and is part of the National Wilderness Preservation System. Combined with the adjacent Recreation Area, the 18,327 acre wilderness offers an outstanding experience for those who want to camp, fish, hike, canoe, ski or enjoy the solitude of a wilderness experience.

Hiking In the Ottawa National Forest
Hiking trails on the Ottawa National Forest offer something for everyone. More than 196 miles of hiking and backpacking trails vary widely in character. Some provide short easy walks to points of interest, such as waterfalls and historic sites.

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