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The Historical Hurley Room

This beautiful room is on the main floor, is full of antiques and features a king size 4 Poster Cannon Ball Bed with the initials 'LM' on the headboard and footboard. LM is for Lotta Morgan who added a lot of history to the Hurley area prior to her death in 1890. Local artist, Larry Peterson, has created a portrait of Ms. Morgan which hangs on the wall in a period frame. The room contains a scrap book and local historical highlights unique to Hurley, Wisconsin. Read old newspaper articles about Ms. Morgan's demise. A very special George Washington Statue lamp adorns one of the Drexel cherry night stands. In the winter we top the bed with a warm down comforter. The summer finds a lighter floral comforter. A walnut dresser holds more local history, an extra blanket and still has room for those who want to unpack a few things during their stay. A solid maple drop leaf tea cart and chairs is situated by the window to enjoy any of our great food options. Two comfortable glider rockers to relax in while enjoy a good book or the remote color cable TV and VCR . A private bathroom with a large shower. This room is non smoking and a maximum of two adults only.

The Hurley Historical Room comes with our breakfast of muffins, coffee and tea served in our fireside room.

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