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ABR Trails – Taste of the Trails – March 4, 2017

Ski along the ABR Ski Trails and sample our local cuisine and specialties of our local restaurants. 6-10 Restaurants will have tables set up from the trailhead along a designated easy route out on the River Trail to the warm up shack.

You can ski or snowshoe on the River Trail to the food booths. It is a 1 mile round trip route.

There is no special cost for the event, just buy a trail pass and pay the food costs at each booth.

Restaurants from 2016 Taste of Trails included: Manny’s, Kimball Inn, Ole Suffolk Ale House, Brewsters, Elk and Hound, Don and G-G’s, Maplewood Steak House.


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Friday November 24th, 2017 - 9:14 pm

ABR Ski Trails

This will be one of the hardest trail reports that I have to write this winter….and maybe the longest.
WHAT WE HAD TODAY: We had a morning of early season skiing from 9-12 with a few more thin spots but coverage on the main trails for skiing. It was a bit soft but very skiable. Skiers respected the noon closing to preserve the snow from the 43 degrees.
WHAT HAPPENED TODAY: It started raining pretty steady at noon and it continues to rain at 5 PM. Upon “trail inspection” the water is running from the hills overflowing the drainage ditches, flooding the River and creeks in areas creating small pieces of trail that are skiable separated by bare stretches and flooded portions that may or may not recede and freeze. The base is diminished to 1 inch of saturated snow.
WHAT WE WILL DO: Since the rain is forecast to stop in the next hour or so and temps are forecast to drop below freezing in the early AM hours, I will again assess the trail at 6 AM and see if it is “groomable” and “skiable”. We will make every effort to make 5-10 km of skiable trail for the 9 AM hr and we will report in at 7 AM with an updated report of what we find.
WHAT I THINK: I am not optimistic that we will be able to create safe and enjoyable skiing for Saturday and Sunday without more snow and cold temps. We scared many skiers away on what would be our busiest weekend of the season with honest and predictive reporting over the last several days to help people plan their weekends and not drive long distances to be disappointed.

IF YOU ARE IN TOWN: We will have the Ski shop open with some good sale prices, many of the stores in town have some good shopping, The falls would make a nice hike at Black River, the 5 waterfalls are raging I am told and would be pretty awesome to see.
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honesty pays

Thank you for your honesty and your endless hard work and all of your efforts. Here's to freezing weather with tons of snow, very soon!!!

comprehensive report Eric, thank you for your honesty!

You are awesome!

So Sorry for your stress as a small business person. Who along with his wife have grown a successful operation. By care hard work, respect for their customers! let it snow now

Thanks for the honest report! I sure hope we get some prolonged cold temp and snow in the near future.

thanks Eric, you guys are truly awesome. Bug and I are on the way up in Packwaukee watching the sunrise waiting for the 7am report. See you today or soon!

Painful reading. Thanks for the honest assessment

So sad to hear about this challenging situation at my favorite place. We love you guys and are so grateful for the excellent work you do. Hang in there!

Mother Nature has a wonky sense of humor. All you can do is all you can do! And We appreciate all you do! ❄️❄️❄️

I look forward to joining you later this season. Thanks for the honest analysis.

Eric, pretty much everyone who skis ABR knows that you work the hardest to bring us the best skiing possible. Your skill and experience is beyond comparison. It's just too bad nature can't cooperate to bring us great skiing as much as we'd all like. Thanks to your knowledge, skill, and dedication... you are the best! Fingers crossed for cold, snow, and lake effect for the next 4 months!!

Snow will come!

I will hope for cold and lots of snow for you!

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Thursday November 23rd, 2017 - 8:15 pm

ABR Ski Trails

We had a good day of skiing today with 37 km of trails open and groomed. A few of the uphills are getting a bit chewed up and some of the thin areas are showing signs of wear, but the trails ended the day at 4:30 still very skiable. We will be open from 9-12 CST Friday and then closing down until Saturday. We will see what the warm temps and rain does (if it does rain) and groom accordingly on Saturday AM. Happy Thanksgiving! ... See MoreSee Less


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Thanks for the update Eric! Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Thank you for making my Thanksgiving special...we didn't spend it with family but we came up to spend some time on your beautiful trails...I have a lot going on at home right now, you gave me peace and tranquility just for today...Thank you...❤️

Thank you for the post

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ski-ya at new year's! ❄❄❄

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