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Cisco Chain of Lakes

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Watersmeet is centrally located in the Ottawa National Forest. Opportunities for camping, canoeing, fishing, and hunting are unlimited. There are ten National Forest Campgrounds in the local area available for Spring, Summer, and Fall camping.

The Sylvania recreational area, located along the northerly edge of Sylvania is designed to welcome and accommodate those who enjoy an outdoor experience with a variety of services.

Cisco Chain of Lakes
Cisco Chain of Lakes
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For more adventure the 18,000 acre Sylvania Wilderness lies waiting to be "discovered". It is nationally known for its unique fishing, sparkling clear waters, majestic scenery, and back country camping.

The famous Cisco Chain of Lakes is made up of fifteen lakes with over 271 miles of scenic shoreline. Boat trips of fifty miles or more, the many islands, and excellent fishing for walleyes, northern muskies, bass, and panfish lure visitors back year after year.

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