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Waterfalls of The Western U.P.

Porcupine Mountains Presque Isle Park

At the Presque Isle Park you will find Manido, Nawadaha, and Manabezho Falls. At the parking areas, you will find signs showing you the way to the waterfalls. Guests are able to walk both sides of the River on a well developed walkway. Historical Markers along the river will intrigue any hiker.
Presque Isle

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Caution: The falls and Rapids of the Presque Isle River have very strong currents and numerous deep holes. Please respect the power and hidden dangers of this turbulent and beautiful river. The park includes a picnic, camping, and parking area. There are numerous other waterfalls within the Porcupine Mountains State Parks interior. For more information on these waterfalls you can reach the park office at 906-885- 5275

Directions: Just outside of Wakefield on Hwy M28 take Cty Rd 519 North up a incline. Follow that road! When you come to South Boundary Rd keep going straight (This will lead you to the park). Please take your time and enjoy the view. This road is approximately 22 miles long.

Manabezho Falls - This is a very wide beautiful waterfall with an extremely large drop. Easily - accessible and very few steps.

Manido Falls - This waterfall is a short additional walk from Manabezho Falls. It is smaller than Manabezho Falls, but proves to be just as wide and photogenic.

Nawadaha Falls - This Waterfall is an additional short walk from Manido Falls. The rapid current will be sure to grab your attention.

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