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Waterfalls of The Western U.P.

Off The Beaten Path

These waterfalls are as the title says are "off the beaten path". They take a little more effort but are worth the time.

Cascade Falls - This waterfall has an array of steps with a tremendous amount of water. Located on the West Branch of the Ontonagon River.

Directions: Heading East of Bergland on M-28, take USFS 222 (Forest Hwy 222, BECOMES 400 Forest Hwy) Northeast from M-28. You will see a well-marked parking lot to the right. Walk the mile groomed trail to the waterfall.

Powdermill Falls - Large waterfall that has a good amount of water falling into a large pool. This walk is short and easy.

Directions: From Hwy US 2 between Ironwood & Bessemer, go north on Powderhorn Road approx imately two miles. You will see a sign for the Alpine Inn & Village. Just past that sign is a dirt road on you left and a dirt path o~ your right. Park you vehicle on the shoulder of the road and follow the path to the waterfalls.

Maple Creek - Just past the driveway to Potawatomi & Gorge waterfalls (on the Black River National Forest Scenic Byway) is Maple Creek road on your left. Take the dirt road in about 4 miles to the bridge and find a parking spot. The falls are below the bridge and upstream. Downstream is Lake Superior about 1/2 mile.

Nelson Canyon Falls - Beautiful waterfall and a beautiful hike that ends with a spectacular climax. Approximately 45 minute walk that is not difficult. Take your time to enjoy and explore this area.

Directions: Three miles West of Lake Gogebic on Hwy 64 take C Camp Rd; cross Nelson Creek (culverts) and continue for almost one mile until you are on your way uphill there is a two track (path). Park and walk the two track in and as it peters out or turns right; walk angling left. When you get to the river walk downstream.

O Kun De Kun & Unnamed Falls - Finding these will be a challenge but worth your effort.

Directions: Park at the North Country Trail parking lot on US 45, about 6/10 mile north of the Baltimore River bridge, and take the NCT east 1.2 miles to the falls.

Victoria Dam Falls - This waterfall is controlled by Victoria Dam. It is a spectacular straight drop! The best time to view this waterfall is in the Spring or after heavy rains.

Directions - Take Victoria Dam Rd West from Rockland for approximately five miles to the Dam. Make sure you bear left at the junction by the old village. There is a unnamed falls about .2 miles below the Dam. There are some pipes that go along the River about 300 feet into the ground. From there you can see, across the river, water dropping about 90 feet straight down to the River! Enjoy the view.

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