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Western U.P. Waterfalls
Western U.P. Waterfalls

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Waterfalls of The Western U.P.

There are more than 150 waferfalls across this breathtaking area of the Upper Peninsula. In the Autumn, the waterfalls are framed by maple crimson and aspen gold. In the winter, they create strange ice formations. All are spectacles of white splendor that are sure to make any vacation memorable.
Bond Falls
Waterfalls of the Western U.P.
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Waterfall Directory

From the links below you will find brief descriptions of the more popular waterfalls, which includes directions on how to reach them. Check back here often as we will be adding more photos and maps as the development of the website continues.

Black River National Forest Scenic Byway

Great Conglomerate Falls
Potawatomi Falls
Gorge Falls
Sandstone Falls
Rainbow Falls

Porcupine Mountains Presque Isle Park

Manabezho Falls
Manido Falls
Nawadaha Falls

Hidden Secrets of The Western U.P.

Superior Falls
Agate Falls
Bond Falls
Bakers Falls

Off The Beaten Path

Cascade Falls
Maple Creek
Nelson Canyon Falls
O Kun De Kun & Unnamed Falls
Victoria Dam Falls

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